Thursday, 17 March 2011

Jonathan Puckey is coming to Toffie!

Yes, it's true! Jonathan Puckey is arriving in Cape Town next week to be a speaker at the Toffie Design Conference.
Jonathan is an independent graphic designer living and working in Amsterdam. He was selected as one of the top ‘20 under 30’ visual artists in Print magazine 2010. His work involves a mix between programmed automation and the intuition of the designer. He plays with the inherent limitations of print design and the perceived limitless possibilities of programming.

In addition to installations and interactive art events, notable work includes a developing a rasterization tool, ‘The Delaunay Raster’, which Jonathan uses to create monthly portraits for Russian Esquire magazine. He has also created a ‘Text Pencil’ tool for Adobe, which allows you to draw with text. 

This video he did with Roel Wouters was nominated for a UK Video Music Award in 2010. 

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