Saturday, 26 February 2011

Don't miss Alex Trochut

Alex Trochut from Spain is one of the main speakers at this year's conference. He will also present an intensive 4-hour typography workshop with his wife, Marta, who is also a graphic designer.

Alex Trochut: Change for the Letter from Gestalten on Vimeo.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Buy your tickets

It's easy to book your ticket for the festival and conference:

- E-mail:
- Buy tickets from Church gift shop at 12 Spin street, Cape Town
- Call 021 462 6092

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Cape Philharmonic Orchestra Collab

Get ready for a spectacular performance on Friday 25 March by the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra, collaborating with the artists Tumi Molekane, Peach van Pletzen and composer Braam du Toit accompanied by Daito Manabe's laser show.

Monday, 21 February 2011


The following creative minds will share an exhibition space at Toffie, curated by Peet Pienaar:
- Liam Mooney
- Angie Batis and Shane Durrant
- Porky Hefer
- Kobus van der Merwe
- Dave Pepler
- Cornelia & Adi Badenhorst
- Superella
- Dokter and Misses
- David West
- Coley Porter Bell (Janet Kinghorn)
- Brandt Botes
- Conn Bertish
- Elle Decoration
- Michelle Son
- Frauke Stegmann
- Marcii Goose
- Ricky Lee Gordon  /A WORD OF ART
- Black River FC
- Andrew Putter
- Barend de Wet
- Julia Raynham
- King James
- Pieter Heyneke 
- Iziko Museums of Cape Town 
- Hannes Bernard

Sneak preview of the venue

Cape Town City Hall is a large Edwardian building in Cape Town city centre which was built in 1905. It is located on the Grand Parade to the west of the Castle and is built from honey-coloured oolitic limestone imported from Bath in England.
The building was designed as the result of a public competition, the winning architects being Messrs Henry Austin Reid and Frederick George Green, with the contractors being Messrs T Howard and F G Scott. Much of the building material, including fixtures and fittings was imported from Europe.
 The Organ was built by Messrs Norman and Beard of London and Norwich, the specifications were drawn up by Sir George Martin, organist of St Paul's Cathedral in London especially for the City Hall. The workmanship and materials are of high quality, and the organ made from mahogany, teak and pine. Sir George Martin spoke of it as “a magnificent instrument in every gradation of tone, from the softest stop to the most powerful tuba being found in the organ, and all under the most perfect control, and that altogether the instrument must be regarded as an artistic and mechanical triumph”. There are altogether 3165 pipes varying from 32 feet to ¾ inch. The wind was supplied by a Kinetic Blower worked by an electric motor.
The tower of the City Hall has a Turret Clock which strikes the hours and chimes the Westminster quarters. The faces of the clock are made from 4 skeleton iron dials filled with opal. The clock has a 24 hour wheel and lever. The bells were cast by Messrs John Taylor and Co of Loughborough and the clock was supplied by JB Joyce & Co of Whitchurch.
The City Hall's carillon was installed as a World War I war memorial, with 22 additional bells being added in 1925 with the visit of the Prince of Wales.
On February 11, 1990, only hours after his release from prison, Nelson Mandela made his first public speech after his release from the balcony of Cape Town City Hall.
The City Hall no longer houses the offices of the City of Cape Town, which are located in the Cape Town Civic Centre. The auditorium is regularly used for concerts, while the City Library was recently moved to the adjacent Old Drill Hall.


Superella will have a rail in the Church pop-up store at the festival.


Just confirmed the 5 member team of BoaMistura from Madrid will be joining us at Toffie for live painting. They will be in Cape Town as part of the /A WORD OF ART residency programme.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Our venue


Thursday 24 March
12:00 Registration
13:00 Boxing match
13:00 - 15:00 Javier Lourenco Workshop
15:00 Andrew Putter
16:00 Kobus van der Merwe
16:30 Conn Bertish
17:30 BREAK
18:00 Brandt Botes
18:30 Michael Spahr
19:30 Movie screening: Taqwacore

Friday 25 March
9:00 Frauke Stegmann
9:30 Sean Mahoney and Pierre Swanepoel of studioMAS
10:15 Tumi Molekane
10:45 BREAK
11:15 Javier Lourenco
12:15 Richard de Jager
12:45 Jürg Lehni
14:00 BREAK (Make party outfits/Small talks/Papergirl/JayJays Bruce Lee Awards/Boxing match)
15:00 Alex Trochut Workshop (15:00 - 19:00)
20:00 CPO/Tumi Molekane/Peach van Pletzen/Braam du Toit concert

Saturday 26 March
9:00 Daito Manabe Workshop
11:00 Francis Burger
11:30 Smiso Zwane
12:00 Brecht Vandenbroucke
13:00 BREAK (Richard de Jager fashion show/Small talks/Boxing match)
14:00 Alex Trochut
16:00 Daito Manabe
17:00 Movie Screening: We don't care about music anyway
21:00 DON'T PARTY Afterparty

Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Blindness of the Woods - a shortfilm by Flamboyant Paradise

Javier Lourenco, founder-editor of the and Director/CD of Flamboyant Paradise is a speaker at Toffie 2011 and will also be presenting an animation workshop at the festival. Book now for the conference and workshop at

The Blindness of the Woods - Short Film from Flamboyant Paradise on Vimeo.

Jürg Lehni's new website

Check out Jürg's work here and here.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Full list of confirmed conference speakers

- Alex Trochut Designer (Spain)

- Daito Manabe Artist/Programmer (Japan)
- Brecht Vandenbroucke Artist/Designer (Belgium)
- Jürg Lehni Inventor/Designer (Switzerland)
- Javier Lourenco/Flamboyant Paradise (Filmmaker: Argentina)

- Michael Spahr (Norient Musik Film Festival, Switzerland)
- Brandt Botes (Graphic Designer: South Africa)
- Tumi Molekane (Musician: South Africa)
- Frauke Stegmann (Designer: South Africa)
- Francis Burger (Artist: South Africa)
- Kobus van der Merwe (Chef: South Africa)
- Richard de Jager (Fashion designer/Stylist: South Africa)

- Sean Mahoney (Architect: South Africa)
- Conn Bertish (Creative Director, South Africa)
- Smiso Zwane (Musician, South Africa)

Catch the Toffie sailors for a free festival poster

Toffie in Buenos Aires, Oct 2010

Thursday, 10 February 2011


Book tickets for the festival and workshops at:

Tuesday, 08 February 2011

Best of Norient Music Film Festival at Toffie

We don't care about music anyway


Toffie You & Me & Everyone We Know Market

Send your application for a stand at the Toffie You & Me & Everyone We Know Market to:

Friday, 04 February 2011

ANDREW PUTTER confirmed as speaker

We are very excited to announce Andrew Putter as one of the speakers at this year's Toffie conference. Andrew Putter - a distinguished artist and teacher - was born in Cape Town in 1965. He received a National Education Award in 2004 for his work in design education, and in 2007 he was a winner of the Spier Contemporary – one of South Africa’s biggest art awards. Putter is associated with many of Cape Town’s most important collaborative and public art projects of the last 15 years. His art has been seen on numerous exhibitions, including the 2nd Johannesburg Biennale, the Frankfurt Art Fair, and the 10th Havana Bienale in Cuba.